Costales Nature Farms

The First Agrotourism Destination in the Philippines Accredited by Department of Tourism

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Mr. Ronald Costales, National Awardee 2012 Gawad Saka
Most Outstanding Organic Farmer of the Philippines!

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The Farm

COSTALES NATURE FARMS is a commercial scale, integrated and  sustainable organic farm situated just below the foot of Mount Banahaw, Brgy. Gagalot, Majayjay, Laguna. 

The farm is certified ORGANIC by Nicert and has a land area of five (5) hectares.  It is the first Agritourism destination in the Philippines accredited by Dept. of Tourism and was chosen as the Official Agritourism destination of Ms. World Philippines 2013

The farm is visited by more than 3000 tourists (local and foreign) every month with different purposes. Farmer visitors want to know and learn how we do organic farming.  Businessmen want to invest and relax at the farm. Students conduct their educational tours.  Families want to have more time for bonding. Wellness advocates want to experience

healthy farm lifestyle. Others justwant to experience glamping (camping with glamour!).

The farm was recognized as the Most Outstanding Organic Farm of the Philippines for the year 2012 by President Benigno Simeon Aquino III.   The farming practices were patterned with the Japanese Farming Systems and Korean Natural Farming wherein micro organisms played a vital role not only in enriching the soil but also in

the production of vegetables, fruits, fish, poultry and livestock.

The farm is five (5) minutes drive away from the breathtaking Imelda Falls, one of the famous tourists’ destinations in Laguna, Philippines.

At the center of the property is our “farm house” made of Philippines’ native materials. The roof is covered with anahaw leaves. 

Walls and ceilings are patiently crafted with bamboo materials. Interiors are all made of wood and windows are made of “capiz” shells.

The design was inspired by “Apong Damian’s” (lolo Damian’s) nipa house in San Quintin, Pangasinan where we spent most of our childhood days.
At one corner of the farm is the “Kubo”(Native reception hall) where we receive our guests.

The “Kubo” is strategically built on the highest peak to provide perfect panoramic view of Mount Banahaw and overlooking the wide area covered with greens. 


This is our perfect place for picnics where we usually roast freshly catch fish from the pond.
Just below the “Kubo” is man-made waterfalls designed by my lovely wife, Josie where we spent our free time relaxing and listening to the splashing sound of water overflowing into our organic tilapia ponds. 

The water source is fresh spring water free flowing from the mountain with huge forest reserves.  Our plan is to convert one of the ponds into chlorine-free swimming pool next year. Fronting the man-made waterfalls is our “Kapihan sa Duyan”. This is our favourite area where we watch the sun set in the afternoon.  We also usually take our coffee sessions in the early morning in this area while planning the activity for the day.  You

can feel the cold breeze of wind while sipping a hot cup of 'barako' coffee or a cup of spearmint tea. The perimeter is planted with dwarf coconut trees.    The coco trees provide free, thirst quenching and all natural “buko juices” to beat the heat especially during summer.   

Spa Services - to complete the wellness tour of our visitors, we offer a relaxing spa experience. Our special tea will be served after the massage.Indulge yourself into organically grown salad greens. We offer it 'unlimited' or 'eat-all-u-can' basis to farm tourists

availing of the day-tour and overnight packages.  This is the only farm that offers unlimited salad indulgence!  Vegetarians and wellness enthusiasts love this so much!

Visit Majayjay Falls, a tourist's destination which is located near the farm. Dip into the fresh spring water and wash away the office work pressures and bustling city life. Enjoy all day swimming. We have included this experience in most of our farm tour packages inclusive of meals.

Dine at the farm and enjoy all natural, chemical-free food. Feast on the natural sweetness of freshly picked veggies, freshly butchered poultry and pork, live tilapia fish and catfish 'hito' from the pond  and cooked without artificial flavourings.

Spend the night at the farm. We have native hut type of accommodation that will remind you the beauty and serenity of simple living at the farm.

The villas are the newest addition to our accommodation facilities. Made from recycled antique hard wood, this will remind you of your childhood days, stress-free and didn't really care much about the future.

The villas have an attic that can accommodate 6 to 8 people. It has also a master‘s bedroom that can accommodate 2 people. Each villa has 1 restroom. Simplicity is beauty!